Short Row Heels

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yarn over knit 1

Work purl side yarn over as describe on pages 1 - 3 and then purl up to the first yarn over loop.

Now work this loop with the next stitch using SSP (slip two stitches on left needle knitwise onto the right needle and then slip them back to the right needle. The stitch mounts have now been reversed.

Place right needle through back loops of these stitches (on right needle) from left to right and purl the stitches together. This is an awkward step. Look at the picture. My right needle was first placed through the back loop of the second stitch on the left needle and then through the first stitch on the left needle before I purled the stitches. I think of it as a backward purl.

Turn to the knit side. Work a yarn-over as described on pages 4 & 5. After working a knit side yarn-over, knit to the first-yarn over on the left needle.

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